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Sourcing Overseas Manufacturing

Product outsourcing was once only within the capabilities of large, well-funded corporations accustomed to operating on a global scale. Today's manufacturer has far more access to the cost-saving benefits of outsourcing; however many small to medium-sized businesses still find themselves limited by the size of the contracts they require and the frequency of their orders. These small to medium-sized firms are the clients HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING was created to serve. We specialize in assisting small and medium size companies find quality overseas manufacturers.

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Our network of qualified factories are prepared to fulfil orders as small as several thousand dollars with the same care and quality control as contracts significantly larger in scope. At HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING, we believe that the savings and benefits of outsourcing should not be the exclusive benefit of big business; but should extend to any company for whom the benefits of outsourcing apply.

Companies making the strategic decision to outsource manufacturing overseas face an instant challenge with long term consequences: selecting the right manufacturing outsourcing partner. Most businesses find this to be a difficult task, as language, geographic and time difference barriers make communication and thus decision making extremely difficult and time consuming.

How we can help you

HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING provides a bridge from your company to Asian manufacturers. From initial product specification to final sign-off, our firm is in close contact with your business to ensure that your cost, quality and schedule goals are met. We have collaborative relationships in place with raw material suppliers, CAD design firms, and contract manufacturers, allowing your business to benefit from our strong alliance.. HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING connects your company with overseas manufacturing firms.

Your company will have your own personal relationship manager who will oversee your project. Your relationship manager will be your contact who you can reach out to with changes, questions and concerns at any time. The relationship manager will be local to the manufacturing process and be able to communicate to all parties involved to answer your questions and concerns in a timely manner.

The logic of overseas outsource manufacturing is as irrefutable as the bottom line. Until now, the benefits of outsourcing have been the exclusive benefit of the corporate big boys. HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING brings the savings of overseas outsourcing to small and medium-sized companies.

Overseas outsourcing allows you to:


Access world pricing power for contract manufacturing to sell in your home market

Focus your resources on main lines of business

Minimize overhead and tooling costs

Control manpower and training costs

Concentrate on strengthening management's core competencies

Produce faster results than hiring staff and production of your own


Outsourcing saves money and resources, and speeds products to the market. The benefits of outsourcing are unquestionably compelling.

HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING's total sourcing strategy is designed to provide far more than basic cost reduction. Our goal is to produce a highly efficient, extremely effective supply chain that delivers quality products cheaply, rapidly and reliably to our clients. Starting an overseas business relationship is difficult to impossible to do from your home office. HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING's expertise in finding quality overseas manufacturers significantly improves your chance for success.

We represent small to medium-sized manufacturers seeking alternative production sources for high quality and competitively priced component parts as well as finished products. These products may be non-standard, highly specialized and in small order quantities. We can provide assistance with your overseas manufacturing from start to finish, or simply provide you with quotations from reputable manufacturers.


Recent Testimonials

"We attempted to write our own business plan, and even purchased a fill in the blank template from the Internet, but we just could not get the financials to meet the requirements of investors and Venture Capital firms we approached. You got us over the hump, and we received our finished documents in less than a week! Incredible service, and excellent advice. Thank You!" J. Cameron, Co-Owner, Elite Academy Day Care
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"A thank you to all the staff who assisted us in the process of securing funding. Your private placement memorandum helped us a great deal, after being turned down by the SBA, we were out of options. We are now in the process of remodeling our 9th property for sale" G. Henry, President G. Henry Realty
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 "I would like to thank you for the fast service and delivery of a very well written business plan. We were able to secure funding through an SBA Loan and have opened our first location. Your advice and documents were valuable beyond words" T. Hernandez, Owner Fasta Pasta
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How we can help you:

Our firm does business locally in low-cost manufacturing countries. For example, if material is to be sourced from Vietnam we will have a representative in Vietnam meeting with the seller and inspecting the goods in person. This representative will handle negotiations on your behalf and ensure that what is procured meet your specifications.

Often times, international trading involves jurisdictional issues when a business transaction goes awry. HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING works diligently to properly vet suppliers and manufacturers in low-cost markets; and being on the ground locally ensures that precautions have been taken to ensure a successful transaction. Your consultant is your personal access point to take advantage of low-cost suppliers and manufacturers. We provide options to your business and work to ensure your needs are satisfied.

We are able to source agriculture products, chemicals, textiles, and metals throughout Asia and Africa for our clients. Our professionals are networked around the globe. Clients rely on us for expert help with the procurement, movement, and marketing of commodities.