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Company Background

Company History

Head Start Business Consulting, LLC. was founded in Houston, TX in 2005.

Our small firm quickly grew from a start-up and small business conulting firm to a nationwide consulting firm with a reputation for taking small businesses global.

In 2008 we added global marketing and overseas product manufacturing. In 2010 we launched a division capable of sourcing commodities and materials in multiple global marketplaces.


We are Headquartered in Houston, TX

We have staff worldwide in Europe, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and India.

Our firm works at the local level to ensure clients global interests.

Mission Statement

Head Start Business Consulting, LLC prepares business strategies for success through the addition of Global sales, manufacturing, souricing, distribution opportunities.

We specialize in small to medium size business consulting projects and can tailor a service package to fit your budget. Please call us today to that we can begin to explore your company's needs.


Our firm works with clients from the start-up phase onwards.

We can assist you with funding documentation, IT requirements, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and sourcing.

With personnel worldwide, we are local to our client's needs and concerns from start-up to success.