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Sourcing Materials & Commodities

HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING is a multi-national corporation dedicated to aligning a safe, secure, and reliable supply of wholesale raw materials and commodities for clients worldwide. With representative offices and affiliated companies in USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and India we are local to the world's low-cost suppliers and have strategic relationships with factories, mines, and local brokers.

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How we can help you:

Our firm does business locally in low-cost manufacturing countries. For example, if material is to be sourced from Vietnam we will have a representative in Vietnam meeting with the seller and inspecting the goods in person. This representative will handle negotiations on your behalf and ensure that what is procured meet your specifications.

Often times, international trading involves jurisdictional issues when a business transaction goes awry. HEAD START BUSINESS CONSULTING works diligently to properly vet suppliers and manufacturers in low-cost markets; and being on the ground locally ensures that precautions have been taken to ensure a successful transaction. Your consultant is your personal access point to take advantage of low-cost suppliers and manufacturers. We provide options to your business and work to ensure your needs are satisfied.

We are able to source agriculture products, chemicals, textiles, and metals throughout Asia and Africa for our clients. Our professionals are networked around the globe. Clients rely on us for expert help with the procurement, movement, and marketing of commodities.